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A Book Cover Slut

If you are an author and are lucky enough to be able to have a hand in choosing your book cover, what do you do? Admittedly, I’m a book cover whore. I love them. They’re like a dress on a pretty woman, or an ugly one considering the content of the book they cover. They […]


A Review – The Two Family House

The centerpiece of Lynda Cohen Loigman debut novel THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE focuses on a brownstone in Brooklyn in the 1950s and the families that occupied it. The lives of two women and a decision made one fateful storm while the two women give birth reverberate throughout generations. The author’s descriptive characterizations of families so intertwined […]

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People have wondered when the next Maggie and Odessa book will come out. I honestly don’t know. It’s not that I haven’t started it, I have I swear. Being sidetracked by another book has distracted me from my two favorite people. I love writing them and the crazy situations they find themselves. However, recently I […]