Every Thursday night, friends Jerri, Sabrina and Cece, members of a book club meet at McGuire’s bar in downtown Manhattan. They work their way through New York City, McGuire’s cocktail menu and the latest New York Times bestseller list. Along with their own genre preferences, they bring their personal drama to the table, along with a little mayhem and murder.

New York at Night

The best thing about New York City at night, is that it become a different place. The work force has eased out of their ties, flipped off those heels and forgotten their day job. It’s a place of late-night eating, Art House Cinema, Off Broadway plays, and the sound of the subway, beneath metal grates. Yellow cabs that shine like beacons in the night. It’s best if you walk, long blocks, store front windows that take center stage.

Coney Island

When summer ends, Coney Island becomes a ghost town. All the rides are locked up, or undergoing maintenance. Maybe a food stand is open to accommodate the local residents, rare tourists who venture to the shore. Coney Island Brooklyn is a wonderful place to walk.