The Maggie May and Odessa Mysteries

Pennywise - Jill Brock book cover


ISBN-13: 978-1419659362
​What would you do for your best friend? Would you break the law, put yourself in danger, or put your own emotional and mental meltdown on hold? Odessa Wilkes is about to find out when she helps her best friend, Maggie Swift find her missing husband. 

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Drop Dead Delicious by Jill Brock book cover

Drop Dead Delicious

ISBN-13: 978-1439220344
​Best friends since high school, Maggie and Odessa are working hard at their new careers, Maggie as a P.I. in-training and Odessa as a dessert chef. Things are looking good for Odessa. Until her embezzling ex-boss comes back to town. Burke Peterson was a nightmare Odessa would sooner forget, but he won’t let her. With Peterson’s return, Odessa has to contend with her overwhelming desire to kill him with a poison pie, dealing with her new boyfriend’s sudden jealousy and finding the recipe for the perfect cake! Despite all their efforts, Peterson drags Odessa and Maggie reluctantly into dirty money, codes, the FBI, Las Vegas and murder.

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Semisweet by Jill Brock book cover


ISBN-13: 978-1453808375
​​Maggie Swift, wife, mother, and private eye in training wants to do her first solo case, unfortunately, that is news to her irascible boss, P.I. Frank McAvoy. She has other plans. With help from her best friend, dessert chef and sometimes reluctant sidekick, Odessa Wilkes, she takes on a case and her first client. As always, Odessa has problems of her own. Her boyfriend wants a deeper commitment. She not sure she is ready. Also, she has bigger problems. A psycho bug exterminator wants to kill her, and she does not know why.

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Chasing Cherry by Jill Brooks book cover

Chasing Cherry

ISBN-13: 978-1490442457
In the fourth installment of the Maggie and Odessa mysteries, Odessa Wilkes, dessert chef, ex-ad executive and lapsed African American Princess discovers her family restaurant’s eighteen-year-old sous chef, Bebe Dunn has just been arrested for murder. Desperate to clear him, Odessa enlists the help of her best friend and private investigator in training, Maggie Swift. The duo goes in search of the truth What they find is Cherry. A video vixen wannabe with plans of her own, none of which has to do with clearing Dunn, unless she gets paid for her efforts. With Cherry being the key, the girls spend much of the time chasing her down. Unfortunately for Maggie and Odessa, Cherry is as elusive as the secret to cold fusion.

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A Candy Coated Lie by Jill Brock book cover

A Candy Coated Lie

ISBN- 13: 978-1090518910
Owner of O So Sweet Bakery, Odessa Wilkes should focus on her upcoming wedding. Instead, she is wondering why a dead woman called her looking for her fiancé. No one will give her an answer, including the man she’s about to marry. Everyone is lying. Between a dictatorial wedding planner, an anxiety-induced rash and deadly warnings, Odessa only has her best friend, P.I. in training, Maggie Swift to help her make it to her wedding – alive. 

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New Series: The Thursday Night Killers Book Club

Thursday Night Killers Book Club book cover

​Life’s not easy for the members of the Thursday night book club. One mistake might put Jerri on the unemployment line after fifteen years of dutiful service. Cece can’t get her grown-up son to move out and take his pregnant girlfriend with him. Sabrina’s husband wants to drain her bank account to fund his next get rich quick scheme.
 They all need a change, desperately. While Jerri imagines plots of sabotaging her new boss and Cece wistfully contemplate running away from home. Sabrina dreams of killing her husband. Unfortunately, one of their wishes comes true.

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