A Book Cover Slut

If you are an author and are lucky enough to be able to have a hand in choosing your book cover, what do you do? Admittedly, I’m a book cover whore. I love them. They’re like a dress on a pretty woman, or an ugly one considering the content of the book they cover. They become an invitation to enter. There have been books I’ve turned away from because the cover didn’t intrigue me. It takes a recommendation, five star reviews to get me finally to enter. Honestly, I have found them, little jewels dressed poorly but worth the read.

With a background in design, I’ll admit I am bias. If someone takes the effort to intrigue me with a seductive cover, I’ll give it a go. I’m easy that way. Though the days of trolling my local bookstores, scanning the aisle for a book to call out to me are few and far between, I still troll online. As to what I look for, my selections fall into certain categories.

  • I know exactly what that is and I don’t need to read the blurb.
  • What the heck is that and I have to read it.
  • Wouldn’t touch it with an eleven foot pole.
  • I’ll read it no matter what because of the author.

My tastes have changed over the years, but not much. Keep it simple, clean, and don’t reveal too much.

David Handler’s Mystery series has nice illustrations that reflect the colorful  title and a hint of the content.

David Handler

The title and the covers made me look. Each one worth the read. Design and type font were perfect.

Blog covers

When a font selection becomes a signature design. All you need is a great title.

Jojo Moyes





Graphically made me envious!

Blog covers 2

Whether you are looking for a good book or deciding on a book cover for your own manuscript, I always say take care. Make the effort to find something worth your time and effort. It’s like a bride throwing on any old thing in her closet.



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