The New Maggie and Odessa Mystery

A lie, no matter how well intended can still hurt. Sometimes it can even kill. Odessa Wilkes find out in the new Maggie and Odessa mystery. While trying to plan her wedding, a call from a dead woman looking for her fiance, throws her world and her wedding plans into chaos. If she doesn’t find the truth, she might lose a chance at love and maybe her life. With the help of her best friend and P.I. in training, Maggie Swift, Odessa needs to find out the cost of a lie even if it kills her.

Maggie and Odessa
Pennywise by Jill Brock book cover
Drop Dead Delicious by Jill Brock book cover
Semisweet by Jill Brock book cover
Chasing Cherry by Jill Brooks book cover
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